Archangelus Gabrihel
Astil. Brussels World Wine Contest
12 December, 2019
Viñedo nevado

A very special visit

Our distributor in Pontevedra of our Astil and Gabrihel wines, finally, after several attempts to come the winery has visited us and we have tasted all the wines that they distribute to us.

We have also tasted Toro wines, which he did not taste yet and which they will also distribute. He was so surprise of the quality and aromas of these wines that he will also sell our Roble and Selected Harvest from DO de Toro in Pontevedra.
He also tested the Arlanza wines and our 100% Verdejo from Rueda, difficult grape to sell in Pontevedra due to all the Albariños and Godellos growth in this area.
The rose wine from Cigales surprised him, he is animated with his sale as the fashion of the Rose wine returns.

Of course we ate Lechazo, in all variants, roasted and grilled, always with Ribera del Duero wines.

We have seen the vineyards, just the day of the snowfall and of course, the underground and historic wineries of Aranda.
Visit to the winery and the extension of the new Bodega for the micro-vinifications of Archangelus Gabrihel.
By the way, 2015 and 2017 are evolving sensationally, I understand that this 2020 will be a year of achievements and awards with these wines.

Food, good wine, walks through Aranda, with a visit to the jewel of Santa Maria Church, vineyards, wineries, but above all wine culture, talks until high hours, breakfasts with wine colloquium, sensations of artisans selling and elaborating. Wine, wine, wine ………

Barricas de roble
Distribuidor Pontevedra

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